Wednesday, October 3, 2007

new blog, new day.

my msn space's dead for like 4ever.
seems like mac just doesnt like it..
failed to publish my blog entry like almost everytime..
so now i pronouced it's officially dead..
call me a late comer,
i'm finally starting a blog.
new blog, new days..


Riduan said...

hey hey!! fishball!! first one to comment eh! lol, this girl, very funny fren in class!! crazy abit, but who cares, we jz love to read blogs!

. Jiahao said...


Anonymous said...

haha! hey =)
im gonna link u!
my great oh hyatt =D
hilton here!!!!

Anonymous said...

why no updatessz!!!!!!!!

Stacy said...

Great shot! I love your glasses.