Thursday, October 18, 2007

field trip..

well.. we,(my class) in fact have field trip every thursday morning..
goin to places arnd the campus or near the campus, lookin at........
pathway and wailing... =_=''''
and field trip on thur's = boring..
tt's the comman knowledge..
how ever it doesn't apply 4 today..
in fact we have quit a lot of fun..
well.. this morning we went to the arty zone of the city..
watever u call it then..
but ya.. national museum and national archives.. and fort canning park..
well.. if anyone really interested with the detail pls refer to my dear fren hn's blog..
dear frens u know i'm lazy..(hope hn will b ok tt i do this here... =P..)
so i'm not gg into details..
well... u know wat.. today's the first time i found out there's this christian graveyards at FC park..
with the grave yards.. the quiet peaceful walk way with wall carryin grave stones..
it is just a place of serinity..
well.. of course the aroma of the spices(plants) arnd the park oso helps...
hahha.. feeling peaceful and happy there..

at tt time there'r some jap kids doin there sketching there as well..
so they r havin their picnic/lunch..
i/we decided to disturb them..
askin them おいしですか?where they r from.. and bla bla bla..
cute kids r always sooo adorable..

p.s.. ♥ the pipette..


hn said...

omg im soo fat!

Riduan said...


von said...

zomg! im starting school ):

jiahao said...

are your kisses wasted or are you pulling shapes?

Paul Pincus said...

cool blog. thanks for the intro to the pipettes!