Friday, October 12, 2007


ok.. i skipped this morning's lessons.
yup, i'm just not tt type of essay writing person?
i just dont like summarizing some theory of art, design and stuffs..
is'nt art n design supposed to a sensation, an experession or an emotion, not some thesis?!
anw the main reason is i'm a super lazy person.
alright so i didnt write it, so i just didnt turn up in class..
but u guess wat?
after all those trouble, my dear lecturer decided to extent the date line..
but it's still good that i dont have to produce some craps out of 2/3 days..
of course with the effort of my thoughtful classmates.. hahha..

so i went to water colorin class in the afternoon..
and the cuties' still cute..
painting's still fun..
but after lesson, as i was really gg to go home..
i met hn at the busstop..
she's gg out with sy, so i just tagged along..
i'm thicked skinned.
well.. but i didnt went home empty handed..
i got some really gd catch today..
so let me share with u guys..

a short story+illustrations book by TIM BURTON, nth but my fav artist.
really, gloomy like its name...

jill staurt a lil princess dolly moment for ya..
here's the catalog i got...

and it come along with this cute lil mirror

men's non-no, my monthly suppliment.. do i sound sicked?!

and p.s my porters bag finally arrived a few days back.. hoho..


hn said...

Next part of project's starting very soon, 頑張ってね!
A Tim Burton fan too, I'll go get the book!

Anonymous said...

heh! skipped class huh. i haven start school leh! muhahahaha.......

jiahao said...

porter man..

Evon Chng said...

the bag is really nice! i think animal prints are nice.