Wednesday, October 24, 2007

busy slacking..

if slacking is a real meaningful activity,
i think i have been really really very busy recently..
or wth.. i shld say i'm always always busy..
u know wat..
eventhu, my submission 2 was really close i was still slacking..
even the nite b4 tt, i only have like 3 papers of drawing + sketches..
hahha.. really crazy.. i felt like 'o' level all over agn..
*while bside me hn's like freaking stressed up, i still felt nth..*
the weekend b4 tt, i even went to my fren( or may i say my fren's fren) bday party..
and after tt i even went to play pool until late nite..
and the day after tt, i still went to help out my aunt on her exhibition booth and shooting..
all the way until 10+.. tt's really crazy..
and i realised sth tt day..
u know ppl always say photography's capturing the perfect moment..
tt's really wat i have been always trying to do..
but then when the perfect moment is here.
i got all nervous and ended up with tones of crap shoots..
wrong focus..
bad lighting..
all sort of stuffs came up..
i reallised how difficult event/journalist shootings r..
i think i shld try more of these..
well.. just some crap shoots/or may i say 'just to hand-in my homework' shoots...
and some Bollywood star shoots...
my aunt's booth

sofia with client & client's wife?!

my aunt with her fren

the stage

a bollywood star?! i've got no clue who she is.. but she's pretty.

the day after all of these i end up almost sleeping for 24 hrs..
so far have u realised tt i really did nth related to the project or sch work..
tt's y i've only got like 3, 4 papers b4 the day of submission..
well.. when i was in sch..
i cracked crap out like crazy..
mayb stress did gd for me..
then i in fact filled up a really long roll of paper..
(btw i like to draft on roll of butter paper, not toilet paper. mayb i'm lazy but not so soooo crazy)
but then by the end of day..
our mdmn zainon the great, told us tt..
she nv mentioned abt submission..
so well..
i was back to the slackin mood..
and tml's my desk crit..
while now the phenomenon of line** come back agn..
ya.. i'm still relax and chill..
great let's see tml..
oh ya.. tml's field trip... nite safari..
i kinda think my lecturer's starting to try to make his lessons more interesting.
gosh.. cant imagine tt, so many of my classmates being singaporean, yet nv been there b4..
nite mode nite mode..
i ♥ nite mode!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

field trip..

well.. we,(my class) in fact have field trip every thursday morning..
goin to places arnd the campus or near the campus, lookin at........
pathway and wailing... =_=''''
and field trip on thur's = boring..
tt's the comman knowledge..
how ever it doesn't apply 4 today..
in fact we have quit a lot of fun..
well.. this morning we went to the arty zone of the city..
watever u call it then..
but ya.. national museum and national archives.. and fort canning park..
well.. if anyone really interested with the detail pls refer to my dear fren hn's blog..
dear frens u know i'm lazy..(hope hn will b ok tt i do this here... =P..)
so i'm not gg into details..
well... u know wat.. today's the first time i found out there's this christian graveyards at FC park..
with the grave yards.. the quiet peaceful walk way with wall carryin grave stones..
it is just a place of serinity..
well.. of course the aroma of the spices(plants) arnd the park oso helps...
hahha.. feeling peaceful and happy there..

at tt time there'r some jap kids doin there sketching there as well..
so they r havin their picnic/lunch..
i/we decided to disturb them..
askin them おいしですか?where they r from.. and bla bla bla..
cute kids r always sooo adorable..

p.s.. ♥ the pipette..

Friday, October 12, 2007


ok.. i skipped this morning's lessons.
yup, i'm just not tt type of essay writing person?
i just dont like summarizing some theory of art, design and stuffs..
is'nt art n design supposed to a sensation, an experession or an emotion, not some thesis?!
anw the main reason is i'm a super lazy person.
alright so i didnt write it, so i just didnt turn up in class..
but u guess wat?
after all those trouble, my dear lecturer decided to extent the date line..
but it's still good that i dont have to produce some craps out of 2/3 days..
of course with the effort of my thoughtful classmates.. hahha..

so i went to water colorin class in the afternoon..
and the cuties' still cute..
painting's still fun..
but after lesson, as i was really gg to go home..
i met hn at the busstop..
she's gg out with sy, so i just tagged along..
i'm thicked skinned.
well.. but i didnt went home empty handed..
i got some really gd catch today..
so let me share with u guys..

a short story+illustrations book by TIM BURTON, nth but my fav artist.
really, gloomy like its name...

jill staurt a lil princess dolly moment for ya..
here's the catalog i got...

and it come along with this cute lil mirror

men's non-no, my monthly suppliment.. do i sound sicked?!

and p.s my porters bag finally arrived a few days back.. hoho..

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ok ok..
as me and my dear partner are all the ultimate last minuter,
we did really rush our ah-ss off today..
well... against all odds... we finally complet our submition.
plus high 5~!~

well... after sch went to watch resident evil with jf and hn ( my buddy in sch ),
well well... wat's the review...
ppl with heart disease shld watch..
it's like defined all the super intense momments...

ok... tell u sth sad..
when i reached home earlier..
i realised i had lost one of my super lovely bracelet...
the thing brown ysl leather bracelet... T_T.................
gonna go find it everywhere in sch tml..
i'm pretty sure i lost it in sch!!..

Sunday, October 7, 2007

snap and shot, mix and match

i'm tellin myself.
since i've started a blog agn.
i shld update more often..
i'm trying.
see, i'm blogging now.
doin my occational surfing.
diggin more and more interesting style, snap sites out.
face hunter,
the satorilist,
are the usual catches..
some new comers pop put this rnd too.
the stylemob
-a online community tt bast on personal styles..
u know postin ur style up, ppl tellin u tt they like it or the other way rnd.
the cool hunter
-it's like wallpaper* online and free..
make cute
-the first( i think) the world recognized snap site in china,
well now it's not so much a snap blog anymore,
but much more like a huge community with lots of bbs and of commercial value in it

the links are all in my link list..
p.s i'll figure out how to dump links inside here very soon..

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

new blog, new day.

my msn space's dead for like 4ever.
seems like mac just doesnt like it..
failed to publish my blog entry like almost everytime..
so now i pronouced it's officially dead..
call me a late comer,
i'm finally starting a blog.
new blog, new days..